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Could You Become A Poker Pro?

Imagine living a life where you have an almost unlimited supply of money, and the freedom to do whatever you like, whenever you like, without being tied down to a 9 to 5 job.

This is the life of a professional poker player. A life that ordinary people can only dream of.

The question is, could you become a poker pro?

The truth is that anybody can become a professional poker player at any time in their life.

In all honesty, how likely is it that you could take up golf tomorrow and be competing in the u.s open against Tiger Woods next year?

What are the odds of you taking up tennis now and playing at Wimbledon next year against Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal?

I’d say that the possibility of any of the above happening is absolutely 0%, but in poker those dreams can become a reality.

Take Chris Moneymaker. (Yes that is his real name :).
In 2003 Chris Moneymaker entered a World Series Of Poker qualifying event at for a few dollars. He was one of a number of people who qualified for the main event, earning himself a flight to Las Vegas, a suite in a 5 star hotel, spending money, and more importantly, an entry ticket to the World Series Of Poker main event worth $10,000.

So there was Chris Moneymaker, playing in the worlds most prestigious poker tournament, surrounded by all of the worlds top professional players, basically living his dream. But it doesn’t end there. In an event that sounds like it was taken from the script of a Rocky movie, Chris Moneymaker went on to win the tournament, earning himself $2.5million, and a World Series Of Poker title and the gold bracelet that comes with it.

Now in what other sport in the world is it possible for you to play in the world championships and earn yourself millions of dollars?

Another major success story is Annette Obrestad. Annette Obrestad has never deposited a cent of her own money onto an online poker site, yet she’s withdrawn millions.

She started playing online poker as a bored 15 year old in Norway, and only ever entered freeroll tournaments. When she started to who real money prizes from the free tournaments, she used that money to enter paid online tournaments and continued to invest the money that she won from those into higher buy in tournaments until she had won hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Shortly after turning 18 in 2007, Annette Obrestad entered her first major live tournament, the World Series Of Poker Europe, which was the first World Series Of Poker event to be held outside of America. Annette won the tournament, earning herself £1million.

Yet another success story is Brian Townsend. Brian Townsend deposited $50 at Full tilt poker which he used to play in cash games, and within a year he’d turned that $50 in $20million. He’s now a sponsored Full Tilt pro, and one of the most respected cash game players in the world.

It’s not all about the big wins though. Look at it this way. If you pay $5 to enter a tournament at Poker Stars tonight, you might win anything from a few hundred to a hundred thousand dollars, or entry to a major live tournament, but even if you don’t you’ll still have a great nights entertainment for you $5. That’s value that you won’t find anywhere else.

Next year, the new multi million dollar superstar on TV that we’re all talking about could be you?

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