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Pachinko is a Serious Social Problem in Japan

So today I’m here at the Namba station and checking about how many pachinko store around Namba station? Because it is a serious problem in Japan So, let’s see and then you know, I want to tell you guys how crazy it is Yep. All right. I play only online roulette Canada and I don’t like Pachinko game.

So you guys ready for that? Okay, so let’s go check it All right, here’s the first one it’s a pachinko store it seems like so many people are playing right now I guess Let’s see how many pachinko store we can find Look at this one, so I think this is the different Pachinko store Wow, that close like next to each other Shoot look at this here. It’s another one wow, this is not a gamble Street as you guys know, but then Already, I found three of them don’t you think that’s crazy?

Wow Well look, here’s another Pachinko store Well here is fifth one already, this is already fifth store it’s just so many right Well the gambling addiction by the pachinko is really a big social problem in Japan, but then How come the government do nothing for that? Yeah This is just crazy, you know As you see this one is Pachinko store again Yep, here’s another one and front of that Yes, of course. This is another one as well Okay I feel like I’m in Vegas Again, this is not the gambling Street. This is like local well, look at that. That’s another pachinko store.

So here you go one Two and Three at this corner Sorry This is the pachinko store as well so actually this is the one and two and Three and why they’re fourth Yeah Well, I think it’s just too many Pachinko store around here well, no wonder Japanese people get addicted by the gambling because like It’s so easy to access Yeah, this is not good Of course look at that Here we go. Well Well, that’s for the another Pachinko store Yeah what I realize is that same company having many Pachinko stores around this area, I guess because They can just make money I think that’s the so simple reason i guess. Oh my goodness. Yeah.

Ok. So, let’s see oh seems like no more I guess because I see the Namba station right there Well, don’t you think this is crazy? I don’t think this is good Well, this is the place where I start it as you see there are many pachinko store around here, right That’s a problem. But then the Japanese government do nothing about it do something because so many people are addicted That’s a serious problem in Japan Okay, that’s it Alright, so thanks for watching my video and please subscribe to my channel And if you like please thumbs up, and also, please check my other videos as well. Thank you very much.